Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union

14 Strings! Cornell Filipino Rondalla

Main Contact:
Time to Book: Two weeks or more, depending on the type of performance
Information Needed: Date, venue, duration, time of event, time of performance slot, time of sound check, availability of chairs for performers, sound system availability, size of stage, type of event, audience size & general demographic
Other Details: Musical repertoie includes Filipino folk, pop, jazz, rock and classical music. Members consist of undergraduates, graduate students, staff, faculty and members of the Ithaca community. Please check our videos on YouTube by searching "14 Strings Cornell."

Amber Chinese Dance Troupe

Main Contact:
Time to Book: Preferably a week in advance
Information Needed: Date, venue, size of stage, time of the event, and sound system.

Big Red Raas

Main Contact:
Time to Book: Two weeks would be nice, three if possible.
Information Needed: Date, venue, show/event name, start/end time of show/event, size of stage (if possible) 
Other Details: From the chilly hills of Ithaca, NY comes the next hottest thing in Garba action: Cornell Raas. The dancers of Cornell Raas take pride in their dancing ability, their commitment to the team, and their undeniable swag. After rehearsing countless hours and injuring countless fingers, CU Raas is ready to rock the stage and show Cornell how Raas gets down. So don't sit back, don't relax, because Cornell Raas will have you out of your seats and dancing before you can say “CORNELL."


Cornell Bhangra

Main Contact:
Time to Book: Reasonable amount of time is fine - preferably over 2 weeks
Information Needed: Date, venue, time, nature of event.


Cornell Lion Dance

Main Contact:
Time to Book: Preferably at least a week.
Information Needed: Date/time, venue, and duration. Preferably also stage and event layout. Soundcheck and transportation info if applicable.


Cornell Eastern Music Ensemble (CEME)

Main Contact:
Time to Book: Ideally two weeks
Information Needed: Date, venue, duration, style of music, event description


Illuminations Chinese Dance Troupe

Main Contact:
Time to Book: prefer at least 2 weeks in advance, but can also make rush performances, depending on dancer availability
Information Needed: date, time of performance, venue, approximate size of stage, sound system, and soundcheck (if provided)



Main Contact:
Time to Book: Two weeks
Information Needed: Date, venue, time of event, performance time, duration of performance, will food or drink be served at the event, short description of event
Other Details: Option of small performance group of 4 or larger group of up to ~20



Main Contact: 
Time to Book: Preferably two weeks advance notice
Information Needed: Date, venue, time, length of performance, stage size, and basic information about the event


Yamatai (Cornell Taiko)

Main Contact:
Time to Book: At least a week. Earlier is better.
Information Needed: See the form for details
Other Details: Yamatai is Cornell's Japanese taiko drumming group.