Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union

Stephanie Hahm

Year: Senior, 2017
Major: Economics / Government
Other Involvements: Asian American Studies Program

Through her role as Facilitator, Stephanie will serve to be a student voice for the A3 community and support the member organizations to build a more cohesive CAPSU. Outside of CAPSU, Stephanie likes to eat frozen yogurt and do silly dances with her housemates! 

Ana Yu
Vice Facilitator

Year: Senior, 2017
Major: Policy Analysis and Management
Other Involvements: Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc., Human Ecology Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council, Mortar Board

As Vice Facilitator, Ana plans to support and strengthen the A3 community through collaboration with student organizations and Cornell administration. This is her third (and hopefully final) year on CAPSU e-board. On campus, she is also the President of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. and Chair of the Human Ecology Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, writing, and going to concerts.

Ferdinand Suba Jr.
Director of Internal Affairs

Year: Senior, 2017
Major: Industrial and Labor Relations
Other Involvements: ILR Student Government, CF, Cornell Undergraduate Law and Society Review, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity

As Director of Internal Affairs, Ferdinand (Ferd for short) seeks to create a more cohesive Asian and Asian American community at Cornell by helping members of different organizations network with each other. Through his emails and face to face interactions, Ferd hopes to encourage organizations and their leaders to learn more about what their umbrella can offer. In his spare time, Ferd enjoys cracking jokes, meeting folks, and staying woke.


Emily Dong
Director of Advocacy

Year: Junior, 2018
Major: Biology and Society
Other Involvements: APAA, AASP, WasteNot!, PSCC - Executive Committee, the Tatkon Center

As this year's Director of Advocacy, Emily's hoping to strengthen inter and intra-community coalitions and empower groups under the umbrella. When she's not too busy being a loyal fan of Manndible Cafe's Friday Curry Bar, Emily's working on her song about the 18 bat families.

Krystle-Mei Chow
Director of Partnerships

Year: Junior, 2018
Major: Hotel Administration
Other Involvements: Phi Gamma Nu Business Fraternity, Impact Dance Troupe, Ivy Council, Kappa Delta, Greek Tri-Council Commitee on Diversity & Inclusion

As Director of Partnerships, Krystle-Mei strives to drive more collaboration and friendship between CAPSU and member orgs, external orgs, and even other universities. In her free time, she enjoys debating over morality, learning Mandarin, and eating slabs of meat such as prosciutto and teriyaki jerky. Please feel free to reach out to her about any partnership you want to see happen or with any questions!

Jaeeun Kim
Director of Administrative Affairs

Year: Sophomore, 2019
Major: Industrial and Labor Relations
Other Involvements: Group & Interpersonal Communication Lab, Banquets at Statler Hotel

As Director of Administrative Affairs, Jaaeun (Jae) hopes to create stronger coalitions within the Asian and Asian American Community. She will contribute to the organization of CAPSU activities. In her free time, Jae loves to travel, play electric guitar and explore the wonderful world of treats.


Kathy Huang
Co-Director of Mentorship Initiatives

Year: Junior, 2018
Major: Industrial and Labor Relations
Other Involvements: ILR Student Government Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Chinese Student Association

As Co-Director of Mentorship Initiatives, Kathy's vision for the First-Year Initiative Leadership Development Program is to ensure that every mentee achieves personal success and becomes a responsible, productive member in the A3 community through unique projects, interactive forums, and social events. In her free time, Kathy likes to blast her EDM songs and have fun.

Irene Jeon
Co-Director of Mentorship Initiatives

Year: Senior, 2017
Major: Psychology
Other Involvements: Cornell Infant Studies Lab, Bethany Christian Campus Church

As Co-Director of Mentorship Initiatives, Irene seeks to instill identity awareness and agency in first year students so that they may succeed in their efforts to create effective change in the Asian and Asian American community. If you ever want to make Irene happy, bring her french fries and ice cream.

Jamie Suk
Co-Director of Mentorship Initiatives

Year: Junior, 2018
Major: Government
Other Involvements: Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity

As Co-Director of Mentorship Activities, Jamie hopes that the First Year Initiative will guide freshmen to become self-confident leaders that can use their strengths and passion to impact themselves as well as their community. Jamie loves the Little Prince, coloring, pistachio ice cream, and the moon. She's scared of stars.


Alina Kim
Director of Financial Affairs

Year: Junior, 2018
Major: Food Science
Other Involvements: BreakFree Hip Hop, Volunteers Around the World

As Director of Financial Affairs, Alina hopes to increase the transparency and accessibility of funds for the greater causes of CAPSU's and the community's initiatives. Alina enjoys Netflix and chilling (literally, chill) and will be your best friend if you bring her food.

Theresa Cao
Director of Public Relations

Year: Junior, 2018
Major: Hotel Administration
Other Involvements: alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc., Engineering World Health, Multicultural Greek Letter Council, HSMAI

As Director of Public Relations, Theresa hopes to bring CAPSU - and subsequently, all of the umbrella organizations that fall under it - to greater light on campus and to provide a voice for the community. She also likes to make pretty things. In her free time, she likes to read, go to CTP, and play with her (4) guinea pigs. 

Vigor Lam
CAPSU Advisor

Other Involvements: Assistant Director of the A3C, Principle Investigator, Vice Chair of NAPA, Co-Chair of APAN

Vigor is the Assistant Director of the Asian & Asian American Center at Cornell University. He is a first-generation, transfer, TRIO, college graduate and a proud product of the public-school system in Ohio. Vigor has worked for departments including academic affairs, campus activities and life, multicultural affairs, and residential life.